About Me

  • I’m a researcher of NTT Secure Platform Laboratories, NTT Corporation, Japan from 2012.
  • From July 2019, I’m also a visiting researcher of Ruhr-Universit├Ąt Bochum, Germany.
  • I received my Ph.D from Kobe University in March 2017 (supervisor : Masakatu Morii).
  • The title of my Ph.D Thesis is “Integral Cryptanalysis against Symmetric-Key Cryptosystems.”
  • My research area is cryptography. Especially, the design and analysis of the symmetric-key cryptography.
  • Link : [dblp] [google scholar]
  • Contact address :address

Recent Major Activity

  • Our paper entitled “Links between Division Property and Other Cube Attack Variants” was accpeted at ToSC.
  • Our paper entitled “Modeling for Three-Subset Division Property without Unknown Subset –Improved Cube Attacks against Trivium and Grain-128AEAD” was accepted at Eurocrypt 2020.
  • Our paper entitled “On the Data Limitation of Small-State Stream Ciphers: Correlation Attacks on Fruit-80 and Plantlet” was accepted at SAC 2019.

Please check the page for publication list in detail.


  • Jun. 2019, IEICE Best Papers Award, IEICE.
  • Jan. 2016, SCIS Best Papers Award, SCIS 2015, IEICE, ISEC.
  • Aug. 2015, CRYPTO 2015 Best Paper Award, IACR.
  • Aug. 2015, CRYPTO 2015 Best Young Researcher Award, IACR.

Program Committee

FSE 2021, Eurocrypt 2020, FSE 2020, Latincrypt 2019, Selected Areas in Cryptography (SAC) 2019,
FSE 2019, ASIACRYPT 2018, FSE 2018, ASIACRYPT 2016, EUROCRYPT 2016.

Editorial Board

IACR Transactions on Symmetric Cryptology (ToSC) 2017–2021.


  • 2017 Gimli, Cross-Platform Cryptographic Permutation
  • 2017 GIFT, Lightweight Block Cipher
  • 2014 Minalpher, Authenticated Encryption with Associated Data